Cross-Cultural Writing


Cross-Cultural Business Writing

I have extensive experience in writing about cross-cultural subjects. As former Manager of Editorial Services for Eaton Consulting Group (now Aperian Global), I researched and wrote more than 70 country-specific manuals that were used in corporate trainings with such international clients as Dell, Sony, Bechtel, L.L. Bean and AT&T. I also wrote materials for the company’s online Globesmart training tool and co-authored a cross-cultural chapter for a business book.

Samples of my cross-cultural business writing:

–  Orientation for a Global Population (published in the book Creative New Employee Orientation Programs).

–  East Asian Cultural Themes (Eaton Consulting Group)

The Cultural Context: United Arab Emirates (Eaton Consulting Group)

–  U.K. Culture Shock: A Comparison of American and British Styles (Workforce Magazine)

–  Brazil: A Cultural Profile (Relocation Journal)

–  South Africa: A Cultural Profile (Relocation Journal)


More Cross-Cultural Topics

Samples of my other cross-cultural writing:

Soccer cultures of the World Cup


Cross-Cultural Consulting & Education

In addition to my writing, I have experience in cross-cultural consulting and education. In this capacity, I have:

  • Conducted cross-cultural workshops for business executives and their families who were being relocated overseas.
  • Designed a cultural re-entry program for individuals who were completing a one-year educational experience away from their home countries.
  • Administered a cross-cultural education program for several hundred international university-aged students.
  • Taught a cultural immersion class for EF Education. The course was an Introduction to U.S. Government for college students from outside the United States.



“As a Brazilian living in the United States for seven years, I was amazed about how precisely some of the cultural differences were expressed in your study. Although I can understand those differences very well, putting it into words can be a very complex job.”                                                    – Victor D.

“I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article in the latest edition of Workforce. As an Englishwoman currently living in Boston, I found your points to be right on target.”            – Sue C.

“I am a Professor in the Graduate School of Business. I teach several classes within the Master’s of International Management program. Recently, I came across a very good article written by Bob Riel on the subject of U.K. cultural shock. I would like your permission to reprint that article for distribution to students in my classes.”               – Rodney B.

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